Kindergarten-Grade 5

In the Lower School, we create an educational experience based on milestones in child development and our understanding of each student as an individual with a unique developmental path, personality, and learning style.

Our students are instilled with a love of learning and an intrinsic sense of accomplishment. The Lower School is a safe place that develops independence and fosters respect of self and others, while building a foundation for creative risk-taking and academic achievement.

Our academic and extracurricular programs are designed to encourage each boy and girl to work effectively, both individually and within a group, as they learn to communicate clearly and to approach life with purpose and competence.

The Kindergarten - Grade 5 curriculum is a thoughtful blend of classical and contemporary studies. Our experienced teachers take the time to know each child well and work hand-in-hand with parents to nurture each child’s interests and talents.

The Lower School experience prepares our students for a successful transition to Middle School, and to ultimately become responsible, thoughtful citizens of the world.

Children at art display