Student Government

Student Senate serves as a voice and a role model for all Lower and Middle School students and is an active and important element of the Middle School program.

Consisting of four officers and class representatives from grades 4 through 8, the senate works to encourage character development, values, and a sense of respect and responsibility.

The offices of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are held by eighth-grade students. Student elections are held each April following candidate campaigns and public addresses.

Under faculty advisor supervision, Student Senate meets regularly to discuss the needs of students, school, community, and the global environment.

The senate coordinates fundraising projects, with past recipients including local shelters, the Red Cross Global Disaster Fund, and the New York City Fire Department September 11 Fund. The group also plans greatly anticipated "free dress days" that raise money for charity.

Officers conduct the Middle School morning assemblies. They also speak at special assemblies, flag ceremonies, Veterans Day, and Open House.

2012-13 Student Senate Officers