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years of serious fun


s'mores eaten


bags of laundry


performing campers

Inside Camp

5 Things We Learned at Camp

As another camp season draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the fun, friendships, and life-changing experiences of a Summer at Santa Catalina.

Camp, unplugged

Summer at Santa Catalina is a phone-free zone. Find out how it helps your child learn and grow—and build lasting friendships.

Role model relationships

The example you set for your children at home is vital, but so is the experience and advice they can get from other caring adults.

What is it about camp friendships?

Summer camp fosters friendships that last a lifetime—we see it happen every summer. What is it about camp friendships that make them so special and long lasting? We love this article from the American Camp Association website that discusses this very question.


The first day of camp starts in...

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