The mission of Journey, our comprehensive advisory program, is to develop each young woman’s highest potential, advance her leadership skills, and ensure her excellent college placement.

The Program

  • Grade-level weekly Journey classes
  • Small weekly advisee groups
  • Biweekly dorm meetings for boarders
  • Individualized one-on-one monthly advising
  • Quarterly Journey Days focusing on topics such as health and wellness, leadership, college and career planning, service, and philanthropy

Catalina Culture

For new students, Catalina enculturation is an important piece of Journey. The newest members of our community learn about our school culture, history, traditions, and standards to ensure their smooth transition into Santa Catalina. We believe that our core values of excellence, responsibility, service, and spirituality should be at the heart of every interaction.

College Counseling

The choices and achievements our students make while at Santa Catalina have long-lasting effects — not only on their college possibilities but also on their career paths. Beginning in grade 10, our Journey program paves the way for a smooth college application process by senior year. We believe that the more fully each student knows herself and understands her deeper purpose in life, the better equipped she is for college. A well-developed POINTS Portfolio allows each senior to enter the college application process fully organized, confident, and able to pinpoint which colleges and universities are the best match for her.


At Santa Catalina, we challenge every young woman to be a leader. We believe that leadership is a collaborative, relationship-building process guided by moral and spiritual values with the purpose of improving our world and the human condition. The development of exemplary leadership skills is one of the most important components of our Journey program. Through it, our students learn about leadership through committee work. Committees offer our students choices within Journey and bring together like-minded girls based on their passions, skills, talents, and long-term goals. They also give our students opportunities to practice the following leadership skills in a nurturing environment: communication, organization, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, digital literacy, and cultural knowledge and sensitivity.

There are seven committees formed yearly at each grade level, with an eighth one at the sophomore level. Each committee is led by a Journey committee head, a student leader appointed through an application process. Committee heads recruit committee members from their class; every student is a member of a committee and works within her group to develop goals and an action plan. Through committee work, students learn about having a mission, creating a vision, setting down an action plan, and taking the steps necessary to accomplish it. They also learn the importance of organization and dependability, conflict resolution and diplomacy, how to delegate and problem solve, as well as practical skills such as writing a proposal, creating an agenda, running a meeting, taking minutes, working with different personality types, and drawing on the strengths of group members in order to maximize a group’s potential.

POINTS Portfolio

The POINTS Portfolio, something unique to Catalina, is the tool our students use to map out and reflect upon their journey to college and beyond. They record their academic plans, save important self-reflections, log their activities and achievements, and archive examples of their best work. POINTS is an acronym for Personal Objectives In Navigating Toward Success. By developing their POINTS under the guidance of a trained advisor, our students develop greater responsibility for their personal growth and development and steadily prepare for the college application process. The main sections of each girl’s POINTS are: About Me, My Academics, My Leadership, and My Service.


Journey Committees

The mission of the Activities Committee is to build strong bonds between students and to create connections within our community.

Alumnae Links
The Alumnae Links Committee aims to connect current students with alumnae to provide students unique opportunities while strengthening the alumnae bond to Santa Catalina.

The mission of the Communications Committee is to share the vision and progress of the Journey program with our community.

Health and Wellness
The Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to the promotion of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our mission is to inspire our Santa Catalina community to make healthy and balanced living a part of our lives and those of others.

The mission of the Legacy Committee is to educate our community about the history and mission of Santa Catalina and to maintain the school's culture and traditions.

The mission of the Service Committee is to make the world a better place by fostering compassionate civic responsibility and social justice through meaningful service.

Sophomore Mentors
The mission of the Sophomore Mentors Committee is to develop the mentoring skills of all sophomores through their thoughtful guidance of freshmen.

World News and Events
The mission of the World News and Events Committee is to regularly update our school community about current world news and events and to raise awareness of global issues.