December 9, 2017


Good luck to all as we head into finals week and look ahead to seniors' completing their applications for RD deadlines! News and Views will resume publication after Christmas Vacation.

Mid-Year Reports

Seniors, you will soon begin to get requests for the "mid-year report." This report consists of your first semester grades plus any new or compelling developments that might have occurred after submitting your actual application. The mid-year report will be sent by Ms. Van Wagenen and Mr. White through Naviance once your transcripts are updated with your first semester grades. Typically, this report is expected to be sent to colleges and universities no later than February 1. If you get emails or any kind of inquiry requesting the mid-year report, please know that it will be sent to all of the schools that you applied to through Naviance by that time.

College Night for Juniors and Parents

Our first official college counseling meeting will be held on January 18 at 7:00 pm in the Mary Johnson Recital Hall. All juniors should attend, and we encourage parents to attend as well. After that, we will start meeting individually with juniors to take the first steps in the college application process.

Making the Most of Senior Year

With college applications, entrance exams, and the general hustle and bustle of academics and extracurriculars, it is easy for seniors to lose sight of the fact that their high school years are coming to a close. See this article from College Covered for some tips on how to make sure the grand finale is as good as the years that led up to it.

How to Respond to ED and EA Decisions

Biting those nails as you await the outcome of ED and EA applications? From the Houston Chronicle comes a great reflection on how to approach these first admission decisions. Whether the news is what you hope for or not, there are a variety of constructive ways to respond.

Looking Ahead for Juniors

It's easy to become overwhelmed with college applications during high school. With test prep, college visits, college applications, and financial aid, students and parents often wonder how to prioritize tasks and which should be at the top of the list. This list of 10 priorities from TeenLife can help you conserve energy and ease college admissions stress.

Beware Misleading Accolades

Ever get mailings from vaguely reputable-sounding organizations you have never quite heard of that appear to offer honors, scholarships, or elite-sounding summer opportunities to high school students in exchange for payment of a fee? If you doubt these offers' legitimacy, you should. Meanwhile, what you may not realize is that you may be getting them because identifying information gathered by the College Board or the ACT has been sold to third parties hoping to cash in on students' ambitions. See this article from the Los Angeles Times for background on this pesky phenomenon and clarification of what information students do and do not have to agree to share when they take standardized tests.


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