Academic Advising & Support

The advisory program assists students with the transition from Lower School to Middle School. We assign each child a faculty member to serve as an advisor throughout the school year.

Advisory periods take place three times per week. Students explore academic and personal needs that may include:

  • Curricular expectations
  • Organizational and study skills
  • Personal conflicts
  • Homework assignments
  • Long-term project status

Advisors are available to meet one-on-one with students as needed. Advisors schedule parent conferences twice per year to update parents on their child’s progress.

Structured Learning Program

The Structured Learning Program provides support and guidance to students with diagnosed mild learning disabilities. Two trained learning specialists, one for PreK-Grade 4 and one for Grade 5-Grade 8, use multi-sensory methods to help these students in one-on-one and small group settings.

By helping students understand and leverage their strengths and by supporting areas of difficulty, the program allows these students to keep pace with their peers. The learning specialists coordinate educational testing, team meetings, and arrange classroom accommodations.

Applying to secondary school

The support and guidance received throughout Lower and Middle School continues as students enter the application process for high school. The Head of Lower and Middle School works closely with the Grade 8 boys and girls and their parents as they navigate through the admission process. Families and the school share a mutual goal in finding the best fit for every student interested in an independent high school education.