Middle School (6-8)

Santa Catalina Middle School students build a strong academic foundation in all areas, from STEM to art to English to religion. Our program teaches students to question with confidence, to envision more than one way to solve a problem, and to express themselves.

Program Highlights

Leveled Math

Each grade has different math sections so all students can find the pace that best pushes and challenges them. The goal in all classes is for students to build skills, confidence, and habits to enable success in high school math no matter the level.

Three Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School boys run down the track toward the camera.

P.E. in the A.M.

Middle School students start off each day in their physical education class, waking up their minds and bodies to prepare them for the day ahead. In addition to covering everything from swimming to dance, students practice for their after-school sports teams in P.E.

Overhead shot of a Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School Spannish class with students. Flag banners hang from the ceiling.


Spanish classes at Catalina are fully immersive and include plenty of opportunities to engage with native speakers. Spanish is offered in two separate sections, so if some students are ready to move through lessons at a faster pace, they can.

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Experiential Education

Our IEB program (Imagine. Explore. Become.)

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students wear climbing gear and stand on a narrow bridge in the redwoods.

Field trips are a fact of life at Catalina, and Middle School students take part in week-long overnight experiences that deepen their learning, strengthen class bonds, and build essential life skills. Whether ziplining through redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, hiking through Yosemite National Park, or seeing government in action in Washington, D.C., students come away from the experience with a better appreciation for the world—and people—around them.

At Santa Catalina, I’ve become more focused and confident about the future.Luke, Grade 8


Each student is assigned a faculty member to serve as an advisor throughout the school year. Middle School advisors are extraordinarily tuned in to students and go above and beyond to provide support. Students meet with their advisors to keep schoolwork on track, share concerns, or just talk.


Clubs and organizations, as well as our Student Senate, offer countless opportunities for stepping into leadership roles. Even parent/teacher conferences are an opportunity for students to find their voice as they facilitate these very important conversations. In Grade 8, students become leaders in a big way as part of Compass, our character education program, when each of them takes charge of a small, mixed-grade group of peers. The eighth-graders prepare for their roles as leaders in a weekly class, then put what they learn into action during all-school activities such as pep rallies and service projects.

Prepared for What’s Next

By the time they graduate, our students are academically prepared, emotionally mature, and intellectually inspired. They’re ready to do, and be, their best. And they have all the tools for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Where do our students go from here?

  • Carmel High School
  • Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Science
  • Palma School
  • Santa Catalina School
  • Stevenson School
  • York School


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