Grade 7


Grade 7 art students develop an awareness of art as a force in shaping opinion, as a career, and as an influence in one’s quality of life. Grade 7 art makes cross-curricular connections as students plan, execute, and complete unique works of art that expose personal experiences, ideas, and feelings. Students learn about the purposes and functions of art and develop an understanding that artists are innovators and discoverers.


In Grade 7 English, students implement strategies for analyzing fiction and nonfiction texts. Through self-reflection and discussion, students explore the coming-of-age theme and its impact on literature and their own lives. They apply their knowledge of complex and well-structured paragraphs to planning and composing academic essays. Grammar and vocabulary are studied on a weekly basis.


Grade 7 mathematics makes use of three different sections to offer a range of curricula from fundamentals to honors. Students are placed based on their retention of math concepts from previous years as demonstrated on several measures. The goals of all Santa Catalina Middle School math classes are to build skills, confidence, and habits to enable success in high school math no matter the level. Students work toward mastery and retention of concepts in the following courses:

  • Algebra 1 Honors
  • Pre-algebra 7
  • Math 7 Fundamentals


Grade 7 music provides a variety of musical opportunities and experiences twice per week. Students develop their music fundamentals such as rhythm, melody, form, tempo, dynamics, and harmony. They will incorporate these fundamentals through exploration of vocal technique and Orff instruments, ear training and sight singing, music theory, stage presence, and general musicianship. All students participate in two musical concerts a year.

Physical Education

Students take part in physical education classes four times per week. They have four weeks of swimming instruction in the spring. Students sharpen their skills in traditional sports including volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Those who play on school teams have their practices during class time. Students who do not play on a school team have the additional option of attending dance class.


Grade 7 religion provides an overview of the world’s wisdom traditions including a study of the person of Jesus, the Christian faith, and the New Testament. Students study the basic beliefs and practices of the major world religions, developing an understanding of faith and the common components of religious traditions. They gain experience with the many forms and purposes of prayer, and each student prepares and leads a prayer for the middle school assembly.


Grade 7 science meets four times a week and uses the Cambridge Physics Outlet (CPO) program to learn about life science. Students study taxonomy, ecology, cytology, zoology, botany, microbiology, and genetics. While working on these subjects, students develop skills necessary to be successful in science. Students participate in hands-on labs, activities, and direct instruction.

Social Studies

Using the Teachers' Curriculum Institute (TCI) program, students study the collapse of the Roman Empire through the Age of Exploration. Students study medieval life in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, and Japan. They have the opportunity to learn more about this time with hands-on activities involving fiction, historical documents, art, and drama. Students build skills in studying and analyzing historical information, academic writing, and critical thinking.


Grade 7 Spanish is offered in two separate sections to offer grade-level and accelerated paths for students. Students are placed based on past Spanish experience and a placement test. Both paths work to develop student listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in an immersion classroom where Spanish is spoken most of the time. The goal of the Middle School Spanish program is to produce students with the study skills, vocabulary, and grammar needed for placement in Spanish 2 or above at the high school level.


Grade 7 technology meets twice a week and emphasizes design, innovation, and coding. Students work collaboratively to produce blogs and digital and physical projects. They create interactive games, charts, and graphs, and delve further into making/tinkering, circuitry, and robotics. Students use 3D applications and video and audio editors.

Writing Lab

Grade 7 Writing Lab provides an overview of the writing process. Students explore a variety of styles, techniques, and forms in the class while working to develop writing essentials such as clarity and voice. Students will have opportunities to do descriptive, narrative, and creative writing.