The art curriculum is organized around three interrelated themes: creating art, looking at art, and living with art. These themes are developed each year and across all nine years of the art program. Lessons provide opportunities for exploration and discovery, creative self-expression, development of perceptual awareness, art appreciation, and for recognizing beauty in the world.

Art techniques are sequenced to build students’ confidence with materials and equipment. Students learn to understand color and form using a wide variety of media in the major areas of artistic expression, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printing, fiber arts, and architecture. Information on the role of art in human history and the development of artistic styles and periods is integrated into every lesson, along with the foundational skills of observing, describing, analyzing, and interpreting art.

Kindergarten students attend art class one period a week, and grades 1 through 8 attend two periods a week. Student work is showcased all year in a rotating Art Salon displayed in the Assembly Room and interior hallway.

Students in art class