Our early childhood literacy program reaches students where they are, whether they already know their ABCs and corresponding sounds or only recognize a few written letters. Teachers trained in the Orton-Gillingham method guide children through consonants, vowels, and letter combinations. Before they leave PreK, students decode, sight-read short words, and take home beginning books.

With a solid foundation in language arts in Lower School, our students begin to express themselves clearly at an early age. That means that by the time they get to Middle School, they are honing their writer’s voice and perfecting their analytical process. Middle School English students are exposed to a wide range of texts that challenge them to continue reading, writing, thinking, collaborating, and articulating ideas in diverse ways.

Beyond increasingly challenging reading and writing tasks, Santa Catalina's English curriculum teaches effective communication and sharp critical thinking skills, which benefit students in all subject areas—and provide a solid foundation for high school.

Girl and boy in English class