Singapore Math is the program used in Lower School. Students develop strong number sense, understanding of place-value, and automaticity with basic math facts. They use algebraic thinking and patterning across all grades. Students become active, high-level mathematical thinkers who can explain their answers and the processes that produce solutions. Problem solving is not a skill to be acquired; it is the very process of math.

The middle school math program focuses on solving real world, practical problems and frequent review of previously covered concepts. Course objectives are building confidence and problem-solving skills and laying new foundations that will mature in algebra, geometry, and data analysis courses. The middle school math program allows for placement at different levels. Grade 6 has two levels, and grades 7 and 8 have three separate levels. The program allows for ongoing assessment that evaluates student progress and enables movement within the grade levels.


Girl holding a sign in math class
Girl writing equations on whiteboard