Students in grades 1-8 attend Technical Arts classes twice weekly. Using a diverse array of applications and equipment, students work on projects that incorporate everything from film and animation to 3D printing, woodworking, light-up circuitry, electronically cut designs, and more.

Our Technical Arts and Boiler (STEAM/Maker) Labs, as well as our classrooms, serve as places for Lower and Middle School students to unleash their creativity and to practice creative problem-solving. The labs allow students to learn to change their world through experimentation, design, and the fabrication of personal conceptions. The labs offer the materials, tools, and space for students to imagine and "make in a school setting. Our lab concept and classroom curriculums encourage, support, and practice project-based learning, design thinking, and engineering design methodologies in order to develop creative students who take risks and continue to innovate and improve.

Technology is integrated into all of our classrooms with innovation at work at all grade levels and courses. Teachers, administrators, students, and families benefit from our GAFE and Schoology Learning Management programs. Students are comfortable using these programs, which allow for efficient sharing of resources and assignments, as aell as ease of assignment submission, collaboration, and of tracking homework and assessment loads. By the end of grade 8, students can easily move among phones, iPads, Chromebooks, and Desktop environments and various operating systems.

Boys in computer lab
Girl holding wires