Creativity permeates every corner of the Santa Catalina campus. All students take part in visual and performing arts, where they develop the tools for creative expression and for learning to recognize and appreciate beauty in the world.

Inside Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School's art room, where a boy paints on blue paper as a girl looks over his shoulder.

Visual Arts

Through painting, sculpture, printing, and so much more, students learn to see themselves as artists and create polished work. They explore and experiment with a wide variety of media in a beautiful art studio, using top-of-the-line equipment and materials. Many of our aspiring young artists are recognized in regional and statewide exhibitions and go on to find success in high school and beyond.

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Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students play various sizes of xylophones. Some sit on the ground while others stand.

Performing Arts

At Santa Catalina, performing is a way of life, right from the start. Young students experience music in a play-based setting, which fosters creativity and a love of music at an early age. Lower School students learn rhythm and pitch through folk songs, dances, and body percussion. Middle School students grow as singers, improvisers, and members of an ensemble. In choral, instrumental, and solo performances, all students showcase their musical abilities throughout the year.

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Private music lessons

Students in Grades 1 through 8 can take private voice or instrumental music lessons during the school day, leaving after-school time free for sports and clubs. The school has six practice studios equipped with Steinway pianos, and lessons are led by experienced musicians and teachers from the Central Coast area.