Visual Arts

Throughout their experience at Santa Catalina, students have creative time to experiment with color and form. Lessons provide opportunities for exploration and discovery, creative self-expression, development of perceptual awareness, art appreciation, and for recognizing beauty in the world.

Three Themes

The arts curriculum is organized around three themes: creating art, looking at art, and living with art.

Creating Art
From day one, our students create and explore. Art courses are designed in sequence so students can build confidence and mastery of each process.

Looking at Art
Students learn to identify art from different movements and to recognize beauty both in nature and in the constructed environment.

Two plates of realistic food made out of clay. A hotdog, fries, watermelon slices and cookies are featured.

Living with Art
Art classes help students understand what role art has played in history, as they study styles ranging from ancient Asian cultures to modern American art.

Art Exploration

Students use a wide variety of media in the major areas of artistic expression, such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, collage, printing, fiber arts, and architecture.

Ocean-themed artwork of various styles is displayed on a wall. A jellyfish hangs from a light fixture.

Art Exhibit

Student artwork from every grade is featured in our rotating Art Salon. The pieces on display explore a common theme and reflect a full range of artistic expression. In addition, each student contributes to a large collaborative work that serves as the exhibit centerpiece.

Middle School Electives

Middle School artists get to choose from a variety of electives like photography or pop art in addition to their regular art classes.