Compass Program

We know that a student's basic character defines not only who they are but also the quality of their future.

Older girl and younger girl shaking hands

Our character development program, Compass, is in place to ensure that the foundations of good judgment and decision-making in each child are taught from the very beginning.

In our classrooms, on the athletic field, and in the hallways, students learn to work and play cooperatively, to find joy in success, to heed the messages of their mistakes, and to value their inner lives with attention paid to their moral and spiritual development.

Students participate in frequent service learning activities. In so doing, they are taught to look beyond themselves and become sensitive to the needs of those around them. Service opportunities range from work with local organizations that help the hungry to larger educational projects around the world.

Another element of Compass is leadership development. Students are provided with opportunities to stretch themselves during the course of each year by means of leadership roles in the classroom, on the playground and athletic field, and during off-campus activities such as field trips and team building programs.

There is an distinctiveness to students who attend Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School. It can be found in their confidence, intelligence, grace, and integrity—all of which is born out of their character.