Mission & Identity

Our Mission

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School exists to develop in each student a striving for excellence, a maturing awareness of moral and spiritual values, a sense of responsible purpose, and a determination to serve the world with courage, grace, and compassion.

Our Motto

Veritas—truth—is the motto of Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School. Underlying all actions, relationships, and communication is the assumption that this standard exists. Only with this principle clearly acknowledged and firmly in place is the school’s mission worthy and possible.

Our Core Values

Santa Catalina embraces a number of core values that serve to distinguish us.

A Particular Academic Approach
The Catholic intellectual tradition teaches that life has meaning and purpose, that there is a moral right and wrong, and that faith and reason are complementary in the search for truth. We believe that our approach to teaching enriches the academic experience for all of our students.

A spirit of welcome and openness is characteristic of Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School. We embrace the true meaning of the word "catholicity" (from the Greek words kata and holos, meaning "inclusive of everyone") with an invitation and welcoming spirit to all of our students. With this foundation of our Catholic heritage, we affirm, celebrate and embrace the rich religious diversity of our student body.

Students at Santa Catalina learn of their responsibility to serve others. We believe that service activities help raise the consciousness of our students, with the impact of these efforts ultimately being realized in the school community and beyond.

At Santa Catalina, we believe that students learn and grow best in a loving and supportive community. This emphasis on the value of relationships has been Santa Catalina’s charism, or “special gift,” since the founding of the school. It has been one of our enduring strengths and it is what has made attending Santa Catalina such a powerful experience for so many.

Our Vision

Lower School Vision
Our vision is to continue to be the outstanding school on the Monterey Peninsula committed to providing an environment that inspires curiosity, exploration, and excellence in academics, service, and character.

Middle School Vision
Our vision for the Middle School is to provide outstanding preparation for high school and beyond by educating the whole person and cultivating each student’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional well-being.