Strategic Plan

After celebrating our 60th anniversary, Santa Catalina began the implementation of its Strategic Plan 2012, which was formally adopted by the Board of Trustees on January 14, 2012. Over the past five years, the school has engaged in extensive strategic planning efforts at all levels. Thus, the strategic plan is the outcome of an ongoing process among the administration, the faculty, select consultants, and the Board of Trustees.

Santa Catalina School implements this plan with the aim of maintaining the school’s founding values and ensuring that these values are supported by creative, innovative, and thoughtful planning. The plan is consistent with the goals and vision expressed in the school’s mission statement. It recognizes the importance of a talented, generous, committed faculty and a rigorous curriculum. It supports each student’s personal growth and well-being while balancing this with his or her developing spiritual awareness.

As you review the goals of the plan, please reflect on the school motto, mission statement, and vision statement. Santa Catalina embraces a creative vision for the future while retaining our place as a nationally recognized independent, Catholic educational institution. We remain committed to preparing each student for a full life of excellence, spirituality, responsibility, and service.