On the road

The other day I watched as Grade 5 students and parents gathered early in the morning to depart for Riley’s Farm to engage in Revolutionary War history by participating in a mock battle, a recreation of the 1775 Battle of St. George’s Tavern. What better way to learn about history than to experience it?

Our students have been blessed with some incredible experiential learning opportunities to advance their understanding of topics being studied in class, including:

  • Grade 6 spent five days at the Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School, located among the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where they deepened their appreciation of science and participated in team-building activities.
  • Grade 7 spent four days at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. Students had the opportunity to appreciate marine science and the natural world, in addition to spending their first night on the Battleship USS Iowa. They snorkeled at night, participated in team-building activities, visited the marine science lab, and went on hikes.
  • Grade 8 spent a week in the Washington, D.C., area with a substantial array of visits to historic sites (Mount Vernon, Monticello), national museums (Holocaust, Portrait Gallery, American History, Air and Space), the White House, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. They also enjoyed a moonlight cruise, a baseball game, and the zoo. This trip was another well-designed adventure for a lifetime, and one our students will not forget.
  • In the Upper School, art history students had a tour of private and public collections during a weekend field trip to the Bay Area. Students used the language and analytical skills they built in class as they visited the Hess Collection, enjoyed a private tour of Carolands and anther private collection, and explored the Anderson Collection at Stanford University.
  • Finally, over Easter break, 17 students deepened their appreciation of art and theater during a trip to New York. They attended seven musicals, an opera at the Met, King Lear with Glenda Jackson, a Lincoln Center tour, a dance concert in the Village, three pre-professional dance classes, tea at the Plaza, museum visits, and delicious meals.

We provide our students with a rich array of well-designed programs to foster intellectual and personal growth. These opportunities to travel and explore the world provide so many other advantages for our students, not the least of which is time spent with their teachers.