Grade 6 goes on treetop adventures at Mount Hermon

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School sixth-graders went on a weeklong adventure in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains as part of the school’s outdoor education program.

The trip to Mount Hermon included physical challenges, fun science lessons, and plenty of class bonding time. Students scaled rock walls and traversed a ropes course in the redwood treetops; played in the creek and went on night hikes; built rockets and learned about the environment around them.

The experience was part of Santa Catalina’s IEB program (Imagine Explore Become), a collection of overnight, outdoor excursions in grades 4-8. Read about grade 7’s inaugural trip to Yosemite National Park and grade 8’s visit to Washington, D.C.

See more photos from Mount Hermon on SmugMug.

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