On the go: Catalina students have a busy month of field trips

Whether for learning or for play, Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students enjoyed a wealth of field trips in January.

Second graders visited the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. After learning about adaptations of monarch butterflies, students were able to observe them in the Butterfly Sanctuary.

Third graders prepared for their biography project by visiting the National Steinbeck Center, where they learned the different ways to tell a story about a person’s life.

Fifth graders visited Lula’s Chocolates to get an inside look at how a small business is run. The trip will help students as they set up their own businesses for their Mini City project.

The Middle School math club headed to San Jose to visit The Tech Interactive museum, a fun wrap-up of a first semester that was focused on an exploration of careers in STEM.

And finally, Middle School students enjoyed a Saturday outing to Sky Zone in Gilroy, where they simply had fun together bouncing around and defying gravity. Middle schoolers go on three of these weekend adventures a year.

See photos from all of our field trips so far.

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