Seventh-graders recreate famous structures from history

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School seventh-graders went big for the return of the Architecture Fair.

For their history class, students researched and built models of famous structures from all around the world dating from 500-1600 CE. The architectural wonders included a rock-cut church of Lalibela, Ethiopia, the Borobudur Buddhist temple in Indonesia, Aachen Cathedral in Germany, the Alhambra in Spain, and many more. Students used a wide array of materials, from cardboard, papier-mâché, and popsicle sticks to paint, glycerin, and sand.

The seventh-graders also wrote essays as part of the project, and their knowledge was on full display as students from different grades strolled through the amphitheatre to get a look at the sizable models and ask questions.

The students clearly took pride in their models and the work that went into them. But, as one student joked, "I told my brothers, 'When you get to choose, pick a building that looks easy, not one that looks pretty.'"

View photos of their amazing work on SmugMug.

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