Student artwork showcased in ocean-themed Art Salon

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School’s annual Art Salon adopted an ocean theme for 2022.

All of the artwork in the show was united under the title, “The Ocean Is Calling … And I Must Go!” Under the direction of art teacher Frances Verga-Lagier Cook ’99, it was the first time the Art Salon followed a single theme.

The show features student artwork from PreK to Grade 8 and represents a variety of media and styles. From sailboats to submarines, snorkelers to pirates, sea horses to whales, coral reefs to creatures real and imagined, students captured the wonder of life in and around the sea. They worked with chalk, watercolors, clay, egg cartons, tissue paper, wire, tin foil, paper bags, shells, and many other types of materials to create paintings, illustrations, collages, and sculptures.

In another departure from previous years, Mrs. Cook and more than a dozen volunteers interspersed artwork from different grades. In the Assembly Room, bubbles and jellyfish lanterns hang from the ceiling, 2D artwork covers an entire wall, and an organized chaos of coral reef structures line the stage. In addition, the collaborative wings art project that went up at the beginning of the year has been transformed through more collaboration into an “ocean angel” mermaid. In the adjacent hallway gallery, across from groupings of paintings and collages, is a seascape with a mix of sculptures and other 3D objects.

A grand opening was held on May 17, and attendees were encouraged to wear their finest ocean-themed attire.

The ocean called, and the students answered. Congratulations to all of our talented artists!

View photos of the Art Salon.

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