Students honor legacy of MLK at special assembly

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during a special assembly on MLK Day.

Students in grades 4-8 spoke about milestones in Black history, the harmful effects of racism, and the influence that Dr. King had in the fight for equality. The middle school Glee Club sang “We Shall Overcome,” the gospel song that became synonymous with the civil rights movement.

The assembly ended with a reminder that work remains to end all forms of discrimination and to treat all people with kindness and decency. It’s a call to justice that is reflected in Santa Catalina’s mission to instill in students “a sense of responsible purpose and a determination to serve the world with courage, grace, and compassion.”

Grade 1 Project

Earlier in the month, first-graders read the book Dear Dr. King: Letters from Today’s Children to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and were inspired to write their own letters to the civil rights leader. “Thank you for changing the world,” one student wrote.

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