Students provide comfort to Ukrainian refugees

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students have focused their recent service efforts on helping those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Through the connections of a Lower School parent, the students are providing comfort to nearly 100 Ukrainian children who are now taking refuge in Poland. The children, from ages 3-18, came from two orphanages in Kyiv and Mariupol, and they are now safe in the Polish spiritual center of Czestochowa.

The parent, who was born in Poland and still has family there, spoke to students during Chapel Sing in March. Of the Ukrainian children, she said, “The most important thing is to make them feel loved. So that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

Students made bracelets in the colors of the Ukrainian flag as well as guardian angel cards, some with messages written in Ukrainian. The items were packaged with a guardian angel medal. Students also made an interlocking blue and yellow prayer chain. The parent later hand-delivered these small tokens of comfort to the spiritual center.

In addition, first-graders made a special video for the children, saying a prayer and singing the song “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. The video included written translations, which were provided by the school’s technical support coordinator, Alex Demushkane, who is from Ukraine.

We hope these efforts will, in some way, bring comfort to these children who now want nothing more than to stay together.

A line of Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students carry paper sunflowers.

Eighth-graders made paper sunflowers and laid them around the amphitheatre during Chapel Sing as a symbol of hope for Ukraine.

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