Superheroes battle COVID-19 in Grade 5's 'Hand Sanitizer Stories'

Every year, Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School fifth-graders create and publish a book around a topic of their choosing. Last year, with COVID-19 still very much on their minds, the class created Hand Sanitizer Stories.

Each student wrote a story or poem with an accompanying hand-drawn picture that somehow involved hand sanitizer. Superheroes were a common theme, with hand sanitizer taking on various virus monsters. Sometimes, sanitizer was cast as the villain. Students came up with origin stories and told tales of burns, rashes, and cracked skin. There was a giant hand, a trip to Pluto, and a hand sanitizer tree.

Hand Sanitizer Stories is a testament to the students' creativity and writing skills, and a reminder to us all to keep our sense of humor when times are tough.

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