Fourth-graders ham it up with musical about geology
Fourth-graders ham it up with musical about geology

A search for a missing professor turned into a tour of geologic features and processes when Grade 4 put on the musical Geology Rocks! during the Lower School Assembly on March 16.

"The idea for this Assembly stemmed from our study of geology in science class earlier in the year," says fourth-grade teacher Michele Morton. "The play is such a cute blend of facts and silliness. I wanted the Assembly to be an extension of what we had learned, but I also wanted it to be fun."

In the play, two students are on the hunt for their missing teacher, Professor Rock. They turn to Sherlock Holmes and Watson, but the famous detective and his sidekick are little help, so the girls start to investigate on their own. They cross paths with volcanoes, the Earth, ferns, mountains, a valley, the seashore, a canyon, three different types of rock, and even Snow White before the professor is discovered. Through songs and pun-filled dialogue, the students learn about fossil fuels, erosion, tectonic plates, the rock cycle, and other fun geology facts.

The fourth-graders clearly approached the play with gusto, and they got lots of laughs from the audience. "All of the voices, gestures, costume ideas, and dance moves came from the children," Morton says. "They are real hams!"

See photos from the play here.

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