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Busker and barkers at Grade 5's Mini City
Busker and barkers at Grade 5's Mini City

With a busker and some barkers, this year's Grade 5 Mini City felt more like a bazaar.

Mini City is a fundraiser for fifth grade's trip to Riley's Farm in the spring. The students learn about what it takes to create a business. They come up with a product, a name, and a price, and then sell their goods or services to faculty, staff, parents, and other Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students who swing by the Assembly Room.

This year's event was held on March 15. Tristan played songs on his clarinet while collecting tips in a green-and-white checkered hat. Isa and Juli served made-to-order waffles with a variety of toppings, drawing visitors to their table by calling out, "Waffles! Get your waffles!" They were next to a row of students selling other tasty treats, including smoothies, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes. Some students sold bookmarks, jewelry, homemade stress balls, and greeting cards. Others sold experiences, such as a hand-knitting lesson, a few basketball shots for prizes, and a paper airplane toss. Each student also created a 3D rendering of what their business's storefront would look like, often overlaid in a real-world setting.

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