Compass Sorting welcomes new Cougars into their circles
Compass Sorting welcomes new Cougars into their circles

Even in a virtual world, Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School's Compass circles opened up to welcome our new Cougars.

In the year's first all-school live Zoom event on October 9, eighth-grade leaders welcomed new students into the Houses of Service, Spirituality, Responsibility, Excellence, and Kindness. Each house is made up of students from each grade in kindergarten to Grade 8; PreK students are all together in the House of Kindness.

The slide presentation featured photos of eighth-graders holding a candle—representing the light of leadership—alongside a list of names of students and teachers who are already in their circles. The next slides featured photos of their new circle members. At the end of the sorting, everyone "joined hands" in their Zoom boxes by stretching their arms out to either side in a recreation of the giant circle we form in person.

Compass coordinator Ibi Janko Murphy '83 noted that this year's theme is hope. "Hope is in [Grade 8's] leadership, hope is in each one of you, and hope is in us coming together," she said. The primary goal of the eighth-grade leaders this year will be finding ways to help the school community come together and connect.

Head of Lower and Middle School Christy Pollacci closed out the ceremony by saying, "We may be 26 Compass circles and four Compass houses, but the truth is we are all in one circle."

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