Environmental Club shares ideas for protecting the planet
Environmental Club shares ideas for protecting the planet

Santa Catalina Middle School's Environmental Club has been educating the school community about ways to protect the planet.

Since November, club members have given presentations in assemblies and shared information and resources with parents in the biweekly newsletter.

Here are some of their topics:

  • In an assembly kicking off Environmental Week from November 16-20, Grade 7 student George gave a presentation on a variety of ways students can help, including eating snacks that don't come in plastic, doing neighborhood or beach cleanups, recycling clothes, and planting native plants. Students were encouraged to send in photos of themselves trying one of these tips in exchange for a reusable water bottle or mug.
  • Marina, a sixth-grader, wrote an article about how composting can help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Contessa, an eighth-grader, put together a presentation on how balloons contribute to plastic pollution.
  • Contessa also wrote an article about eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • For Christmas, club members talked about making outdoor Christmas trees and using sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper, such as newspapers, jars, or cloth bags.

We thank the club for giving us so many great ideas for helping our environment!

A slide from George's presentation.

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