Fifth-graders set up shop in annual Mini City
Fifth-graders set up shop in annual Mini City

Welcome to Grade 5's Mini City, where you can buy sweets, slime, and squishies for $5 or less.

Fifth-graders set up shop in the Assembly Room on February 23 to sell a range of goods and games to raise money for their trip to Riley's Farm in the spring. They had to come up with a business plan—a product, a name, and a price—and then market their business through signs and commercials. During the process, they also got to see how a real small business is run, getting a behind-the-scenes tour of Lula's Chocolates in Monterey.

The businesses at Mini City included Character Candy Shop, which sold candy in tiny flower pots painted as characters like Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh; Emotional Emojis, which sold bright yellow desk toppers painted like your favorite emojis; and Book Worms, which sold books and gummy worms. You could sink a golf shot for a prize, see a magic trick, or do something creative at William's Art Studio. These were just some of the creative businesses on display.

"They learned a lot about supply and demand and what it takes to run a small business—and had tons of fun in the process!" said fifth-grade teacher Bri Slama, who also got in on the action by selling seaglass necklaces.

See photos from Mini City on SmugMug, and watch their commercials below.

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