First-graders learn how to skydive (without actually jumping)
First-graders learn how to skydive (without actually jumping)

First-graders learning about air visited people who fly through it all the time: skydivers.

One big question students explored in their science class was how we know air is there when we can't see it. They did many experiments in the science lab, including making their own parachutes out of napkins and using a paper clip for a passenger.

On March 26, they visited Skydive Monterey Bay to see how an actual parachute works: by using air resistance to float slowly down to the ground. The students participated in a "skydive training class," where they learned the ins and outs of parachuting, and took turns on the "creeper," which simulates how it feels to dive before the parachute opens.

They also walked through the airplane and tried on helmets and goggles that are worn during a jump. Each child was given a certificate of participation and a mini parachute with a diver attached to take home.

It was a fabulous trip!

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