First-graders take teachers home with them
First-graders take teachers home with them

If teachers can't be in the classroom with their students, what's the next best thing?

First-grade teachers Valerie Humenik and Heidi Pratt sent home little Bitmoji cutouts of themselves to let their students know that they're always nearby, even if they can't be together in person. The "Tiny Teachers Project," inspired by the Flat Stanley Project, included a scavenger hunt, and students were encouraged to bring the flat teachers along. When students completed part of the hunt, such as taking a photo or video with their pets, they shared them on a virtual bulletin board, where they could also leave notes and comments for other students.

"We also told them that since we couldn't take them on field trips right now, they could take us on some!" says Ms. Humenik. "Our goal was to build a better sense of connection with our students as a classroom family."

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