Grade 3 hosts 'Living Museum of Important People'
Grade 3 hosts 'Living Museum of Important People'

Scientists, writers, naturalists, presidents, and more were at Grade 3's "Living Museum of Important People" on February 20.

In Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School's Assembly Room, the students gave biography presentations about notable figures past and present, from 15th century artist Leonardo da Vinci to current American Ballet Theatre dancer Misty Copeland.

In addition to written reports, the students put together visual displays that included photos, quotes, timelines, and interesting facts. There were also dioramas, homemade board games, figurines, and even a Lego sculpture. Many of the students dressed up as their subject: Albert Einstein, Jackie Robinson, Clara Barton, and Dr. Seuss, to name a few.

Third-grade teachers Cris Ford and Marisa Tonini explain everything that went into these projects:

The students selected their "important person" after spending some time browsing books. Ultimately, they chose someone they were interested in learning about who had made a positive impact in the world. Students read at least one chapter book (many of them read from the "Who Was?" series of biographies) and learned how to take notes as they read. They were guided on how to sift through their notes and organize them into paragraphs. They learned how to write a topic and a conclusion sentence as they wrote meaningful paragraphs about their person's life, accomplishments, and other interesting facts. They learned how to make timelines and locate states and countries on maps (where their person was born, lived, went to school, etc.). They also practiced presenting to an audience using notes, but most knew so much about their person they spoke spontaneously with enthusiasm and knowledge! As you can tell, we were pretty proud of them!

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