Grade 4 missions get the 3D printer treatment
Grade 4 missions get the 3D printer treatment

Fourth-graders took their models of California missions to a different level this year: 3D-printed models.

Working with technology teacher Susan Kendall, the students designed the models in an online program called Tinkercad. They manipulated geometric shapes and paid attention to dimensions, angles, and perspective to get their missions printer-ready.

The printed models stood alongside the more traditional, but always impressive, hand-built models displayed in the Lower School library. For these models, students made use of Styrofoam, tongue depressors, cardboard paper, wood dust, paint, figurines, rocks, beads, felt, clay, and a number of other materials. Fun details included doves, animals, fountains, and for one mission, a roof still under construction.

See photos of the mission models on SmugMug.

The mission project is part of grade 4's yearlong study of California history, which also included a trip to Gold Country in April and culminates with Little Red Schoolhouse Day on May 17.

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