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Grade 5 'visits' Colonial Williamsburg
Grade 5 'visits' Colonial Williamsburg

Usually, Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students have to wait until their eighth-grade Washington, D.C., trip to visit Colonial Williamsburg. But this week, fifth-graders got Colonial Williamsburg to come to them.

Teacher Bri Slama '07 set up different stations in the Assembly Room that represented different places in Williamsburg. By visiting these stations, students got to learn about Colonial times by doing hands-on activities from that period.

Boys write with ink and quill

At the College of William & Mary, boys wrote with quill and ink pens, while at the "dame school" girls made a sewing sampler. Students sized shoes for each other by tracing their feet at the shoemaker's shop; ordered "food" and played a board game at Raleigh Tavern; learned a traditional call-and-response song called "Juba" in the slave quarters; denied or approved different government actions at the Governor's Palace; and read from an old vestry book at Bruton Parish Church, sitting in pews according to the status cards they selected.

Students interact over a table with paper and stamps

What a fun way to learn about history!

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