Halloween spirit strong, at school or at home
Halloween spirit strong, at school or at home

Halloween may have looked a little different this year, but the most important element stayed the same: Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students' enthusiasm for the spooky holiday!

The only thing missing from PreK-Grade 2's traditional Halloween parade was the candy. They walked from their classrooms to the Rosary Chapel courtyard, where they were greeted by Head of School Meg Bradley, Sister Claire, and Sister Christine. The students walked with zombie arms both in honor of the holiday and to remind them to keep their space.

Middle Schoolers got all costumed up for their virtual dance, which was DJ'd by Coach Paul Elliott dressed as a mad scientist. Some of the students had Zoom backgrounds that perfectly complemented their costumes. After spending some time together in the main room, they later joined breakout rooms where they could continue listening to music, watch a movie, or play games.

Clearly, Catalina's Halloween spirit was still strong, no matter where they were!

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