'I have an idea': 3rd grader upgrades assembly
'I have an idea': 3rd grader upgrades assembly

You can always count on Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students to come up with great ideas.

The metaphor of a compass is woven into every aspect of school life. The four points of the compass are the core tenets of our mission: excellence, spirituality, responsibility, and service. Our school motto, Veritas (truth), is the needle.

A third-grader named Naksh came up with a way to incorporate the compass into Friday morning assemblies, when PreK-Grade 5 students gather as a community. He approached Ibi Janko Murphy '83, religion teacher and coordinator of Catalina's Compass character education program. "At lunch one day, he said, 'Mrs. Murphy, I have an idea,'" she recalls. That idea? Create a compass you can spin like a wheel, and whichever point it lands on becomes the theme of that day's assembly.

Naksh got to share his idea with other students at the assembly on May 14. Holding a compass pinwheel made by Mrs. Murphy, he gave it a spin, and the needle landed on responsibility. Head of Lower and Middle School Christy Pollacci then started a conversation with students by asking, "What does it mean to be responsible?"

Mrs. Pollacci used the occasion as an additional teaching moment, reading aloud the book What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada. Naksh shows that at Catalina, we share ideas—and celebrate them.

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