Pajama Story Night: What did we read?
Pajama Story Night: What did we read?

Outside, there was a light drizzle and a chill in the air, but inside there was nothing but warmth and fuzzies as first- through third-graders gathered in the library for Pajama Story Night.

The kids came in soft PJs and robes and slippers, some of them clutching stuffed animals. They cuddled together on the floor and listened with rapt attention—or giggles or commentary, whatever the moment called for—as their teachers read to them from their favorite books.

Susan Dodd, PreK: Pigsty

Vanessa Newton, PreK and K: The Dog Who Cried Wolf

Lydia Mansour, PreK and K: How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

Cris Ford, Grade 3: Stay Awake, Sally

Heidi Pratt, Grade 1: While the World is Sleeping

Katie Schipper, Grade 2: 10 Minutes till Bedtime

Pretty soon it was time to drink some hot chocolate and then head on home to bed.

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