PHOTOS: See the highlights from Halloween and Pumpkin Olympics
PHOTOS: See the highlights from Halloween and Pumpkin Olympics

It was a year in which a fourth-grader unseated a perennial costume champion, PreK and kindergarten students made off like bandits with bags full of candy, and the House of Service claimed the Pumpkin Olympics title by a hair.

Halloween is always a capital-e Event in Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School, and photo galleries are now up to prove it. We've got one for costumes, and one for Pumpkin Olympics. Enjoy!

And in case you were wondering, here are the winners of this year's costume contest:

Grade 4


Best in Class: Wyatt Alderson, "Rocketman"
Most Creative: Suhanna Dale, "Alien Abcution"
Best Group: Nicholas and Jacob Tonini, "Taco Tuesday"

Grade 5

Washing Machine

Best in Class: William Miorana, "Washing Machine"
Most Creative: Kevin Kavalauskas, "Unemployed Jester"
Best Group: Nicki Iniakov and Piper Butler, "Sesame Street"

Grade 6
Best in Class: Owen Green, "Samurai"
Most Creative: Cece Yu, "Breakfast on the Mind"
Best Group: Claire and Shayna Blatt, "Rita Skeeter and Dolores"

Grade 7

Invisible Man and Sink

Best in Class: Reena Dale, "Invisible Man," and Tarn Reilly, "Sink"
Most Creative: Jack Ratcliff, "Fortune Teller"
Best Group: Sloan, Elle, and Michaela, "Arkum Asylum"

Grade 8
Best in Class: Maddux Hrepich, "Gingerbread"
Most Creative: Kandace and Olivia, "Google Maps"
Best Group: Izzy, Antonio, and Jenna, "Football and Cheerleader"


I Can Toucan

Best Teacher: Mrs. Monroe, "I CAN Toucan"
Best Overall Group: PreK and Kindergarten, "Wizard of Oz"

Best in School: Wyatt Alderson
Most Creative: Tarn Reilly and Reena Dale
Best Group: Taco Tuesday

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