PreK and kindergarten celebrate 100 days of school
PreK and kindergarten celebrate 100 days of school

The 100th day of school on February 13 was a day of celebration for PreKindergarten and kindergarten students—but that doesn't mean the learning stopped.

In PreK, students drew 100-day monsters with 10 arms, 10 hands, 10 eyes, and other features in groups of 10. The students also danced and counted to 100 while singing the "Zero the Hero Rumba," and enjoyed some delicious cake.

In kindergarten, teachers created 100 Day stations with lots of activities. Students wrote the ending to the sentence "I wish I had 100 ..."; rolled dice and added up the numbers until they reached 100; and built a pyramid using 100 cups. They also went on the hunt for 100 Hershey's kisses, then had to match the number on the bottom to the number on a chart. They did all this while wearing 100-day crowns on which they made tally marks in groups of 10.

Congratulations to our youngest students for being "100 days smarter!"

Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School kindergarten students color in class

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