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Second-grade entrepreneurs like flowers, Legos, pets
Second-grade entrepreneurs like flowers, Legos, pets

This was the year for Legos, flowers, and pets at Grade 2's Entrepreneur Fair on March 19.

After learning about different jobs in the community, students came up with their own business ideas based on their interests. The process gave them a chance to develop writing, design, and speaking skills as they wrote about their products and services, created brochures and business cards, and talked to students, parents, faculty, and staff during the fair.

There were three flower shops, three Lego shops, and three pet stores, along with businesses devoted to toys and video games. You could sign up for horseback riding lessons, buy a robot to help clean your house, customize your own Christmas tree, or simply satisfy your thirst with a stop at The Beverage Shop.

Check out photos from the fair on SmugMug, and watch the students' promotional video below.

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