Sixth-grader heading to Countywide Spelling Bee
Sixth-grader heading to Countywide Spelling Bee

Sixth-grader Katie Noble is going to the Countywide Spelling Bee after winning Santa Catalina's Middle School competition on February 6.

Katie won in the 12th round after she correctly spelled the word "radical" and runner-up Emma Kim (Grade 6) misspelled "bracken." Third-place finisher Isabella Pierre (Grade 8) fell out in the 10th round on the word "anarchy."

In total, 23 students spelled 106 words. The first two rounds of competition claimed the most contestants, with eight students bested by words including "shelves," "severely," and "disguise." Other troublesome words throughout the contest included "prickly," "tearjerker," "scrawny," "exalt," and "seafaring." Some correctly spelled words were "partition," "superintendent," "rife," "gnaw," and "handiwork."

Katie moves on to the county competition, hosted by the Monterey County Office of Education, on Sunday, March 4, at 1:30 p.m. the Hartnell College Performing Arts Center in Salinas.

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