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Sixth-graders do some treetop team-building at Mount Hermon
Sixth-graders do some treetop team-building at Mount Hermon

Sixth-graders went on an outdoor adventure to Mount Hermon in the Santa Cruz Mountains from April 28-May 3. Here are updates to parents sent by Middle School Dean Anthony Schipper.

[See photos from the trip on SmugMug.]

Days 1 and 2

It has been a great 24 hours at Mount Hermon. The students are getting used to cabin life in the mountains, and it is sometimes more fun watching the kids engage away from school. All of our students are happy and well fed!

Negatives: 1 bee sting!

Monday afternoon included time on the climbing wall and a great afternoon hike.

Tuesday morning was spent team-building and problem-solving. The afternoon was focused on the high ropes course. One of the highlights of today's activities was the leap of faith.

This evening, the students are preparing for their night solo hikes.

Days 3 and 4

Day three was filled with laughter and adventure. Our morning consisted of tree climbing. Outfitted in full harnesses, our sixth-grade students climbed high into the canopy.

Our afternoon was filled by zip lining through the redwood forest. All of the students conquered their fears! (Some small and some not so small.) It is truly one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Our evening was a new one for us: full campus laser tag. To say this was a highlight does not give it justice. Team against team, team against zombies, every man and woman for him or herself ... just to name a few moments.

Today we will go on our all-day adventure hike!

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