Students celebrated for math talents
Students celebrated for math talents

Students in Grades 3-5 were recognized in end-of-year assemblies for their achievements in Continental Mathematics League contests.

Students participated in several meets in which they were challenged to solve six problems each time. Third-graders had three meets, and fourth- and fifth-graders had five meets.

In each contest, students applied mathematical, logical reasoning, higher-order thinking, and problem-solving skills to stretch their math minds to solve the problems. They put forth tremendous effort and showed perseverance in taking on these very challenging contests.

The students were presented with certificates and medals during different outdoor assemblies in May.

Congratulations to the following students!

Grade 3
1st: William Mulgrew
2nd: Marcella Kenner and Maxwell Tope
3rd: Stacey Kim

Grade 4
1st: David Ahn and Khloe Koontz
2nd: Lynsey Nguyen and Eric Johnston
3rd: Hana Wong

Grade 5
1st: Ethan Yao
2nd: Erika Small
3rd: Celeste Comolli, Anika Minami, and Jamison Walker

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