Students have their questions answered by astronauts
Students have their questions answered by astronauts

Two Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students had their space questions answered by astronauts during a special event hosted by the Naval Postgraduate School on April 29.

Ethan, a fifth-grader, and Logan, a first-grader, asked their questions in pre-recorded videos that were played during the "Ask an Astronaut" livestream event.

Ethan asked whether you can see the international space station from Earth. James Newman, an astronaut who flew on four space shuttle missions, explained that the ISS appears bright and steady as it moves across the sky and that you can find out when it will be overhead at

Logan asked how they grow plants in space. Dan Bursch, who went on three space shuttle missions, talked about planting seeds in sponge-like material and using artificial light. He said growing plants is important because it can help scrub out CO2 and provide food during long voyages.

Thanks to NPS for providing this unique opportunity for local students.

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