Superheroes, snacks, and self-portraits: 2021 Virtual Art Show
Superheroes, snacks, and self-portraits: 2021 Virtual Art Show

From superheroes to snacks to self-portraits, Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School students shared the breadth of their talents in an end-of-year virtual art show.

With little more than pencil and paper, the students in kindergarten to Grade 8 showed that limited materials did not mean limited imaginations.

For evidence, look no further than the wide variety of self-portraits. First-graders created 3D paper crowns. Third-graders depicted themselves as Lego people. Fifth-graders outlined their faces using words that describe themselves. Sixth-graders drew themselves on phone screens with app icons that reflect their interests. All of that only scratches the surface of the creativity on display.

"Whether it was online or in person, the students were able to find themselves and lose themselves in creativity and art making," said art teacher Frances Verga-Lagier Cook '99. "With simple and accessible materials, we drew, colored, cut, pasted, and laughed. Art allowed us to grow together and communicate, regardless of our locations."

Scroll through the artwork by grade on Google Slides.

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