Rosary Chapel

Situated at the heart of campus, the Rosary Chapel is the center of spiritual life and a beautiful reminder of the Dominican Catholic tradition on which Santa Catalina is founded. Dedicated in 1954, the chapel was the generous gift of board member Marcia Farrell Hart in memory of her father, James Farrell. Mrs. Hart commissioned San Francisco architect Germano Milano and gifted artisans to create the chapel and its furnishings. The chapel features wood carving by Alec Miller, stained glass windows by Carl Huneke, chandeliers by Forge in the Forest, Honduran mahogany altar and pews, redwood ceilings, and Carmel stone exteriors.


All are welcome to join the weekly services listed on the calendar. By request, a Mass will be offered for a special intention. For more information, please contact Julie Atkins at 831.655.9312.