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Camp, unplugged
Camp, unplugged

Summer at Santa Catalina is a phone-free zone. That means no phones, laptops, e-readers, or other mobile devices. Why? We want our campers to interact with one another face to face, giving them the opportunity to build lasting friendships and form strong community bonds.

The New York Times recently wrote about camps' phone-free policies and how they factor into a child's development.

"Camp is a sacred space to unplug and be able to learn independence and social skills," child development expert Yalda T. Uhls told The Times. "It's really important to put devices down and practice the art of face-to-face communication."

But disconnecting can be hard for parents, too. So we set aside times for campers to email and phone home, and we encourage them to write letters. (Our camp director still has letters she wrote home from camp and ones she received from her mother and father more 40 years ago!)

We also post lots and lots of photos to social media so parents can check in and see how much fun their daughters are having! Find us on Facebook at and on Instagram at @catalinacamp.

You can read more about our phone and communication policies on our FAQs page under Our Program.

The full article from the New York Times can be found here:

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