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Where Girls Can Be Girls: The importance of the camp experience

Sunscreen is purchased, stamps acquired, stationery chosen and tennis racquets selected. Here at Santa Catalina, we know many of you will be sending daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and friends to join our summer community. Things slow down at camp and our focus is on letting girls be girls. Cell phones, iPads, and computers are not part of our camp culture—we want kids to tune into the complete camp experience by leaving the technological interface at home. Camp is all about developing social skills and creating face-to-face relationships. Without technology, campers find it easier to dive into the experience of day-to-day interactions with those around them, rather than the validation of social media interactions. We are always thrilled to share our rich heritage with a new generation of young women.

It is hard to consider being separated from your child, and more often than not, we speculate and laugh after we have moved through the heavy discussion with a mother and daughter about their campers' readiness for the sleep-away experience. It is not always the camper who is hesitant, but rather the parents. Summer at Santa Catalina boldly suggests that you give your daughter the gift of a camp experience. It may not be here, but it is in the camp experience that a child tries new activities and delves into unexplored areas of interest—without concern for perfection and messiness or even a failed outcome. We want our campers to have different experiences and to give them opportunities to try for alternative outcomes—all with the guidance of our fabulous mentoring staff.

Summer camps are enormous touchstones and very much have a legacy for families from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific coast. We are no different. Once again, we will be filled to the rafters with campers from around the world. Santa Catalina wants to rock this world with their guidance, love, and passion for mentoring the next generation of strong and creative sisters. In the end, our camp touches lives and changes us all.

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