Meet our Staff

Julie Yurkovich Forrest '78, Director

Julie Forrest has been involved with Summer at Santa Catalina for 14 years—five years as the head tennis instructor and nine years as the camp director. Julie is an alumna and the director of enrollment for Santa Catalina School.

She believes that camp is a ton of fun and a great way for girls to try out things they don't have time to do during the school year. She often says, "There is not a greater place to spend the summer than at Summer at Santa Catalina, especially if you are looking for fun, excitement, growth, and challenge. Being a Summer at Santa Catalina camper is something you never forget. When you leave our program, we hope you go home and teach your friends about some of the great things you have learned and experienced."

Julie spends a lot of time off-season planning memorable classes and evening activities. One of her favorite things is Checks/Stripes throw-downs. “I straddle the line and make sure to wear both green and red,” she says laughingly. “I am loyal to both teams. I am nonpartisan and cheer for everyone.”

Katie Adams ’09, Assistant Director

Katie Adams is in her ninth season at Summer at Santa Catalina. Her previous positions at camp include group counselor and counselor coordinator, and she is currently the assistant director. Katie grew up in nearby Carmel Valley and is an alumna of Santa Catalina School.

For Katie, camp is full of fun and memorable activities, with her personal favorites being Spa Night and the Saturday excursions. She finds that the bus rides are some of the funniest times at camp; the singing and laughter throughout the trip always bring a smile to her face. Mostly, Katie loves the little things that happen each day at camp. She says, "The smiling faces, the gratitude, the enthusiasm of each camper are simply contagious."

Katie currently lives on campus year-round with her dog, Lucy, and during the school year is a resident faculty member in Hills Dormitory with the seniors. During the day, Katie can be found planning for the next camp season.