Meet our Staff

Ange Atkinson, Director

"I love guiding girls to learn to fail well, access their internal self-worth, and feel confident and empowered in their bodies."

Ange became director of Summer at Santa Catalina in 2019. She has spent more than a decade empowering girls in a summer camp setting, including as founding director of Camp Lantern Creek, an all-girls sleepaway camp in her home state of Texas. She is also a facilitator and trainer for the Embody Love Movement, which empowers girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty through experiential learning around body image and self-love.

Ange is a registered yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, and she hosts a podcast for educators called “B.R.A.V.E.,” focusing on personal development and self-care. She loves hiking, exploring national parks, and doing anything beach-related. A member of Santa Catalina School's resident faculty, she lives on campus with her lab mix, Dottie.


Abbey Reed, Assistant Director

Abbey joined Summer at Santa Catalina during the summer of 2018. She's a Texas native and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and has been working at summer camps since 2013. Read our Q&A with Abbey below.

What are your favorite camp moments?

It's actually a lot of little moments. Watching campers bond with each other and share in the experience of sisterhood is so powerful to see.

What's your favorite thing about working with girls?

Getting to see each girl's unique personality. The girls are so fun to be around, and I love getting to know them as individuals.

What are the benefits of going to a summer camp?

I see summer camp as the best experience a parent can give their child. On the surface, campers get to try new things and have a fun-filled summer. But on a much deeper level, summer camp gives kids confidence, a sense of independence, and a community that accepts them the way they are. In the world we live in, that is such a powerful environment to expose young women and girls to. I love being part of a community that offers that to families and kids.

Do you have any advice for future campers or their parents?

Open yourselves up to the new experience of Summer at Santa Catalina. It takes parents who are willing to trust that their children can be independent enough to thrive at camp. But it also takes campers who are open to new experiences and friendships.

Abbey holding popsicles